quinta-feira, junho 27, 2013

free, free, Assange free!!!

A New York Times article this week recounts some of the major attempts made over the last three years by the US to investigate the activist group Wikileaks and its leader, Julian Assange.

Most notably, Iceland's former minister of the interior, Ogmundur Jonasson, said that he asked "eight or nine" FBI agents to leave Iceland in June 2011 for misrepresenting the purpose of their visit. Jonasson recalled to the paper that the FBI told him they needed entry to the country to stop hackers from executing "an imminent attack on Icelandic government databases." Upon their arrival, Jonasson found that the agents were there only to gather information on Wikileaks, which has many members in Iceland.

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Faça da internet cada vez mais sua fonte de informações.
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